The Big Foot strain: a marijuana variety with excellent aroma and fast flowering

Written by on 16 August, 2022

When choosing a marijuana strain to grow, keep in mind that each cannabis plant is different, therefore, not all strains will offer you the same characteristics.

There are cannabis strains that tend to be smaller than others, some may be more resistant or faster flowering, if this last aspect catches your attention, then you should get to know the Big Foot strain.

The Big Foot strain is one of the resinous plants from Sweet Seeds. This variety really has an extraordinary aroma and flavor, which is generally intense, dense, sweet and fruity with a background of spicy tones.

This variety of powerful hybrid vigor flowers quickly, in indoor it takes a time of approximately 9 weeks, in addition, the production that it can offer you in this type of culture is 500-650 g/m².

The Big Foot strain has a THC level of approximately 18-22%. The effect it produces is very powerful and can be really relaxing.

This plant is characterized by a strong stem with many side branches and short internodal distance. In addition, the buds are usually compact and produce abundant and very aromatic resin.



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