Sweet Mimosa XL Auto, a strain that offers a high bud production

Written by on 16 September, 2022

For those cannabis growers who are looking for a marijuana strain with autoflowering characteristics, the Sweet Mimosa XL Auto strain can be a good option to consider.

There are growers who tend to choose autoflowering strains because these flowers usually do not grow as large. In the case of the Sweet Mimosa XL Auto strain, this plant usually reaches a height of 60-140 cm.

This variety of Sweet Seeds has interesting qualities that can attract the attention of cannabis growers, such as its high production of buds and abundant resin.

Indoors this variety is able to offer a production of 500-600 g/m², while outdoors it can reach a yield of 60-200 g/plant.


This 4th Generation autoflowering strain is the autoflowering version of the Mimosa variety. Cream Mandarine Auto was used to introduce the autoflowering genes.

Aroma and taste

The Sweet Mimosa XL Auto produces a delicious aroma and flavor with citrus tones of orange, tangerine and earthy. Some specimens may show flowers and leaves with purple and reddish tones at the end of flowering.


This plant can reach a THC level of 19-23% and the effect it produces is usually energetic, cheerful and stimulating.

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