Royal Bluematic: an autoflowering strain that produces a smooth and relaxing high

Written by on 4 October, 2022

Royal Queen Seeds’ Royal Bluematic strain is a good alternative to consider when choosing a marijuana strain to grow.

This popular plant is the feminized autoflowering version of the famous Blueberry and is usually indica-dominant.

Growing Characteristics 

This strain is perfect for both experienced and novice growers, as it is a flexible strain and does not need a lot of space to develop. Generally these varieties usually reach an average height of 60-75cm.

In terms of yield, this autoflowering strain can offer a yield of up to 475g/m² indoors and 120g per plant outdoors.


For those consumers who are looking for a strain to relax, the Royal Bluematic variety produces a soft and relaxing high. Its taste is also very similar to that of the Blue Mystic strain, with sweet and refreshing notes of blueberries.

Also, this flower is capable of offering smokers a THC content of up to 14%.

When you see the results that this strain offers, it will become your favorite plant, you will want to grow it and smoke its buds all the time.




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