Marijuana with a pine smell? Learn about the terpenes that give it that characteristic

Written by on 13 July, 2021

If you are one of those smokers who like to light a joint outdoors, take walks in the woods, and smell the delicious aroma of pine, then opting for marijuana strains with a similar fragrance will fascinate you.

Thanks to the famous terpenes present in your cannabis flowers, this plant can offer you a wide variety of aromas and flavors, and of course, pine is one of these, but which component is responsible for it?

Well, review with us some of the terpenes that you can find in your Mary Jane that give it that pine fragrance that you enjoy so much in each puff.


If your weed gives off a fresh piney aroma, then chances are your buds have so much pinene in them.

Pinene is said to be a compound that has anti-inflammatory properties and is a potent bronchodilator. It is also used to make perfumes and even in insecticides.

You can find these aromatic oils in rosemary, eucalyptus, and others. And in marijuana flowers in strains such as Chem Dawg, OG Kush, or Jack Herer.


Guaiol is another of the many terpenes found in marijuana plants; it is also present in other species such as cypress pine and guaiac.

Although pinene is more commonly found in marijuana flowers, guaiol also contributes similar piney flavors. This terpene is associated with therapeutic benefits and antimicrobial properties.

It can be found in strains such as Blue Kush, Chocolope, Jean-Guy, Liberty Haze, or White Widow.


Cannabis flowers rich in terpinolene transport you to the forest, producing aromas of wood and pine.

This terpene, also known as delta terpinene, is not only found in marijuana and is also present in other plants such as rosemary, cumin, and sage.

This terpene is believed to have antibacterial, antifungal, and sedation properties. It is also used as an aromatic compound in perfumes, soaps, and insect repellents. This terpene can be found in marijuana strains such as Royal Jack Automatic or Jack Herer.

Choose the marijuana strain you prefer and enjoy every puff to the fullest.




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