Marijuana strains for growing in a window

Written by on 9 September, 2022

When growing marijuana next to a window besides worrying about choosing a container of the right size you must make sure to choose the ideal strain for that limited space.

Autoflowering marijuana will always be a good choice when you have little space because these strains do not grow as big and they are also resistant and easy to grow.

Strains to grow on a windowsill

Quick One

Its small size will allow you to grow several plants in a single window. The Quick One produces a physical and slightly stoned effect, it will lift your mood and relax your muscles.

This strain can reach heights of 50-60cm indoors and produce yields of about 275-325g/m² in ideal conditions. On a windowsill it can offer a yield of at least 100g/m². The buds will be ready to cut after about 8 weeks from sowing.

Royal Dwarf

Ideal for growing in windows as the Royal Dwarf strain is compact, fast and hardy. The flowers it produces leave sweet and citrus flavors.

Royal Dwarf has a THC level of 13%. This plant reaches discreet heights of 40-70cm on a windowsill, and produces medium-sized harvests that can be harvested in just 8-9 weeks after germination.

Easy Bud

This strain is also a good choice for growing on a windowsill. The Easy Bud strain offers citrus and herbal flavors and aromas. It has a THC content of 12% which produces a smooth and relaxing effect that is subtle but effective.

This plant reaches heights of between 50-60cm indoors, next to a window, and is capable of producing between 275-325g/m² in ideal conditions. On a window sill the yield is likely to be lower. This strain will be ready from seed to harvest in as little as 8 weeks.






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