Marijuana plants ideal for growing in mountainous areas

Written by on 15 June, 2022

Many cannabis growers choose to grow their Mary Jane indoors or in their home garden, but there are also those who prefer to grow their marijuana in mountainous areas.

If you prefer the tranquility and solitude of mountain growing at high altitudes, it is important that you choose the right marijuana strain, as not all cannabis genetics will grow well in this environment.

The best marijuana seeds to grow in mountainous areas (Dutch Passion)

1- Pamir Gold 

Pamir Gold is a plant that is characterized by being resistant and robust. Many guerrilla growers rely on this strain.

This cannabis plant is able to withstand a changing climate better than any other variety. The buds it will offer you will be big and heavy. When consuming this strain it will give you a relaxed and pleasant high with a hybrid effect.

2- Snow Bud

This strain is easy to grow, it is very resistant. If you need to grow cannabis at high altitude in mountainous areas, Snow Bud is a great choice to consider. It is also a perfect outdoor plant for the guerrilla grower.

The Snow Bud strain has Afghani x South African genetics that will give you average yields, plus, it will reward you with great tasting buds with a spicy, earthy, skunky aroma.

3- Hollands Hope

This Dutch Passion strain is suitable for outdoor growers looking for an easier growing experience. These strains tend to be large, bushy plants.

Plant this strain in a place where it receives enough sunlight, with quality soil, and you will see what it is capable of delivering. This indica strain is hardier than others and withstands cold weather better than most. It will offer you a really relaxing effect.

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