Ideal marijuana to apply the SOG technique 

Written by on 25 June, 2022

The Sea of Green (SOG) method, also known as Sea of Green, will allow you to grow many marijuana plants together in a limited space. In addition, with this technique, the efficiency of the light can be maximized.

If you want to get the expected results, you’d better choose the most suitable cannabis strain. Generally, the recommended strains to apply the SOG technique are cannabis flowers with indica genetics.

Cannabis strains to apply SOG technique

OG Double Bubble by Zamnesia Seeds 

Although this strain is a rather tall specimen, it is also a bushy plant, which makes it ideal for growing with the SOG method.

This strain is indica dominant, which has a flowering period of 7-8 weeks. If grown in good conditions, it is capable of delivering yields of around 500-550g/m² indoors. Outdoors it can reward you with a yield of 550-600g per plant.

When the time comes to harvest your flowers you will find buds with a THC content of 18%.

Northern Light by Royal Queen Seeds 

This strain is one of the most popular marijuana strains available. Its spicy flavor and earthy undertones will surprise all those who smoke it for the first time.

The effect that this plant is able to offer you is great, you will feel relaxed and euphoric. If you choose this strain you will have the advantage that it is an easy to care for plant and has a short flowering period.

Runtz Auto by Zamnesia Seeds 

This strain is a compact and robust autoflowering hybrid, making it ideal for the SOG technique. When you try this variety you will be delighted with its excellent sweet and tropical caramel flavor. Its THC content (23%) will produce moments of incredible euphoria.

The Runtz Auto strains have a life cycle of 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest. As for its production, it offers about 100-150g per plant outdoors, and about 450-500g/m² indoors.

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