Grow these marijuana strains in your closet or grow room

Written by on 3 June, 2022

Growing marijuana indoors makes life easier for many growers, with this type of planting you can have more control over the environment in which the plants grow, which is a great advantage.

Although many benefits are obtained indoors, space is also often limited, so choosing the right strains for your closet or grow room is essential.

Ideal marijuana strains to grow in a grow room or grow closet

Quick One

This strain can be grown in a closet and is perfect for beginners. It has a compact size and gives off little odor, which is great for keeping it discreet.

Quick One grows to a height of 50-60cm, produces yields of 275-325g/m² and will be ready to harvest only 9-10 weeks after germination.

Its flowers will offer you a THC level of 13%, and when consuming this strain you will enjoy a physically relaxing smoke, accompanied by citrus, earthy and fruity flavors.

Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher marijuana is recommended for indoor growing. Generally, plants of this type of variety can reach a maximum height of 180cm, which is ideal for those larger grow rooms.

This beautiful plant features shades of bright pink, dark purple, and striking orange. You will impress your fellow growers.

This strain has a THC content of 21%, and if you provide her with the right lighting and fertilization, she will reward you with yields of 500g/m² after 9-10 weeks of flowering.

Green Gelato Automatic

The aromatic buds produced by this variety reach a THC level of 24%. The Green Gelato Automatic is potent, it produces a great sativa high.

You can grow this type of marijuana in a corner of your room or a closet. The harvest you can expect is up to 375-450g/m² in only 9-10 weeks after germination.


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