Cream 47 marijuana strain, a productive, potent and aromatic strain

Written by on 24 September, 2022

When choosing a marijuana strain to grow at home, there are those who opt for those characterized by good production and potency. If this is your case, the Cream 47 strain is an ideal alternative.

The marijuana strain Cream 47, from Sweet Seeds, is born after the crossing of Cream Caramel and the elite clone of AK 47. The result of this combination is precisely a very powerful, productive and aromatic genetics.

This plant with thick and strong stems and branches is able to reward the indoor grower with yields of 500-650 g/m², while outdoors it produces 500-750 g/plant.

In addition, this variety 50% indica, 50% sativa, when harvested, will give you large and dense buds, loaded with abundant resin, which can acquire during flowering blue, purple and reddish tones.

On the other hand, the flavors and aromas of this variety are characterized by being sweet and retain earthy and humus nuances of Cream Caramel.

As for its THC content, its flowers have a level of 21%. The effect of this variety is usually very powerful and at the same time balanced.

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