Are you looking for a predominantly sativa strain? Meet the Mexican Haze

Written by on 23 October, 2020

Are you one of those smokers who love to enjoy a good strain of cannabis that induces a cerebral, stimulating and creative effect? Well, if the answer is yes, then surely the Mexican Haze strain will get your attention.

Sativa enthusiasts will be delighted with this plant, so if you were looking for a strain with that, genetics look no further – the feminized Mexican Haze from Kiwi Seeds will not disappoint.

You will no longer have to travel to Mexico to evoke some Latin American sativa sensations. This variety will induce you a creative effect. Its heads will reward you with a smell and a taste spicy and pleasant.


When growing cannabis it is always important that before starting you define the place where you will place your plantation. If you have a growing cabinet or a greenhouse, this strain is great for you.

This plant needs a flowering time of approximately 70 to 80 days, and is capable of producing up to 400-500g/m².

Moreover, this variety is easy to cultivate so that the novice growers will also be able to plant it, without many complications. The ideal is that you inform yourself well on how to start with your culture and Let’s get to work!







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