4 marijuana strains to grow in greenhouses

Written by on 20 August, 2022

Greenhouses can protect your cannabis plants from bad weather, provide discretion to your growing and the best thing is that they provide an ideal microclimate to grow your strains.

Many of the marijuana strains that exist do well in greenhouses. Among so many options of strains that you can choose, here are 4 of them that you will love to grow by yourself.

1- Chocolate Haze

This strain from Royal Queen Seeds has a chocolatey, earthy and fruity terpene profile that you will love.

This strain can produce up to 500g per plant, but won’t fully mature until late October. When you taste its flowers you will feel how an intense sativa effect begins to settle.

2- Auto Critical Orange Punch

This is one of the best autoflowering varieties for greenhouse. The Auto Critical Orange Puch by Dutch Passion is very attractive, the high THC levels, its high production and its orange taste will convince you to choose it.

This plant grows and flowers from seed to harvest in 10 to 11 weeks and is suitable for any type of grower.

3- Triple G Automatic

This cannabis strain from Royal Queen Seeds has a THC level of 20% and its caramel and chocolate taste is great.

This greenhouse strain can reward you with yields of 90-140g per plant in 11 weeks.

 4- Auto Ultimate

The Auto Ultimate cannabis strain is probably one of the highest yielding autoflowering strains in the Dutch Passion collection.

As for growing this plant from seed to harvest, it can take about 15 weeks, but although it takes a little longer than other flowers to be ready, it rewards cannagrowers with XXL harvests.


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