Which cannabis should be used?

Written by on 18 July, 2020

If you are a beginner in the cannabis world you may be wondering which cannabis should be used, as this plant is dioca and therefore produces male flowers (male plants) and female flowers (female plants), and in some cases the plant may be hermaphroditic.

There are users do not know which cannabis is ideal, but do not worry, here we indicate it.

Different plants

Male and female plants have many differences but among the main ones is that male plants are generally used to pollinate the females in order to produce seeds, while female plants are the ones that contain the largest load of cannabinoid-filled resin, which is produced by the trichomes.

For this reason, cannabis users normally use the female plants. However, while male plants contain very low levels of THC, some users use them to prepare tinctures, infusions or cannabis oil, among other things.


In order to obtain the greatest number of female plants in each harvest, it is necessary to ensure that all growing conditions such as temperature, lighting and watering among others, are favourable.

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