Which buds should be used to make marijuana extracts?

Written by on 4 August, 2021

There are many alternatives to consume marijuana; one of them is cannabis extracts. The truth is that this option has become more and more popular among consumers and cannabis lovers.

In the cannabis market, you can find different presentations of extracts, can vary in texture and consistency. In general, they tend to be a potent product compared to cannabis flowers. The THC content in cannabis extract can reach up to 80% or more.

If you like to make your extracts at home, it is vital to understand; if the buds you have are ideal for making them. If you are still not very clear about that, here we tell you what you should take into account.

Which buds should be used to make marijuana extracts?

To make a good extract depends a lot on the trichomes; therefore, it is advisable to have quality buds. If you grow your buds, you will surely get great flowers.

Some users find it is not ideal to use uncured or freshly cut buds to make cannabis extracts. The potency of your flowers will increase only when you dry and cure your buds properly.

If you can’t grow your weed, you can also get your buds from a local dispensary.

The best buds to use for extraction are those covered in resin. Also, it is vital that when preparing your marijuana extracts, you know the characteristics of the flowers you chose. So, you get an idea of the effect you will experience when you have them ready.

If you want something that allows you to work during the day while enjoying a Sativa high, the Blue Dream strain may be what you’re looking for; On the other hand, if you want something more sedating, Cream Cookies strain may help.


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