When is the best time to smoke cannabis?

Written by on 29 January, 2022

Whether you are a cannabis beginner or an experienced pot smoker, you have probably asked yourself at some point when is the best time to smoke marijuana?

Well, the answer to this question really depends on the tastes and preferences of each individual smoker, so it’s difficult to pinpoint a “best” time to smoke pot. However, there are certain considerations you can take.

Look at the post we tell you different times when you can enjoy your Mary Jane so you can choose the right one for you and adjust your routine.

In the morning

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a morning 420 session? Also known as “wake and bake,” the truth is that many smokers love to smoke their cannabis early in the day.

Smoking nice and early can help manage a medical problem, lessen a nagging hangover, or simply spice up your day. Just keep in mind that for many, smoking in the morning can make them unproductive, so, we recommend smoking your weed on days when you don’t have something important to take care of.

Before going to sleep

There’s nothing better than resting in bed at night after a tiring day, but do you need help falling asleep? Well, then cannabis can be your great ally. Find your favorite indica strain and light up your joint before bed.

Watching a movie

One of the best times to smoke your Mary Jane maybe when you’re watching a movie with friends or by yourself, you can relax, eat snacks and light up a bowl.

After work

For other users the ideal time to get high with cannabis is when their workday is over. You will see after a tiring day smoking your cannabis can relax you and even put you in a good mood.

When you leave your house

Do you like to get out of the house and enjoy the scenery? Well, a good marijuana strain can be the best companion to enjoy the beauty of the natural world.

Final Considerations

As you may have noticed, there are many times to smoke marijuana, in fact any time can be a good time to do it, just keep in mind that if your morning sessions interfere with any responsibilities, you will need to adjust your routine.


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