What’s better? Large or small puffs?

Written by on 16 April, 2020

Many smokers say that large puffs are better for a higher high or stoner, because there is more retention of smoke, instead of small puffs because there is less retention. Do you think they are right? Find out in this post, which one is better?

Do you prefer big puffs or small puffs?


  • Big puffs, it’s true, when you take big puffs and retain them you can feel more high, but this is because you are depriving your brain of oxygen. The carbon monoxide in the smoke further aggravates the dizziness or lightheadedness you experience.


  • Inhaling a large amount of smoke can fool you, making you feel that the amount of THC received is also higher. But, it is not. Your body absorbs almost all of the THC in the herb within seconds of inhaling. So there’s no point in holding your breath, unless you like to get dizzy.


  • Small puffs, some say that taking small puffs is the best way to get high. And the truth is that microdosing with small amounts of cannabis has a number of sub-perceptual benefits that are thought to enhance productivity and creativity. While microdosing does not by itself get you high, it may be more suitable for those with important family or work responsibilities.

Large or small puffs? could be somewhere in between. It is true that there is nothing more satisfying than taking a good puff on a joint or bong, but there is no need to overdo it. So opt for the intermediate puff, and when the clouds of smoke penetrate your lungs, remember to exhale quickly, because the THC has already done its job and you will still have the experience you like.

If you want a more intense high, just try a stronger strain or smoke more, if you want something softer try vaporization, with cannabis concentrates, it’s healthier for your lungs, or Microdose, which has become a boom these days.

Remember! Every individual gives his cannabis the end he wants; he uses it medicinally or recreationally.

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