What is the proper dosage of THC in edibles?

Written by on 3 May, 2020

Cannabis edibles are becoming increasingly popular. Do you want to know what the right dosage is? Continue with us and you’ll get your questions answered.

Edibles are a safe way to use marijuana without smoking. If you are going to make your own edibles, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Calculating the amount of raw material you will need based on your personal experience is a good method often used by experts, but for beginners and novices, it can be a bit complicated.

You should keep in mind, that if you are using edibles with cannabis for the first time, it is best to do so in an environment where you feel comfortable and safe. It is different to use them in your own home, where you feel comfortable, than in a place with a lot of stress or in a tense environment, you will not experience the high you want. Similarly, try to be in your best mood and not be when you have negative thoughts to get the most out of a good note.


How to calculate the dose?

 The first thing to do is to identify the percentage of THC of the variety we are going to use as raw material. Most of the current varieties have between 15 and 20% THC, if they have been grown properly; the weaker ones could have around 10%. To simplify things, let’s calculate with 10%:

– 1 gram of cannabis is equivalent to 1,000mg dry weight, with a THC content of 100mg.

– Novices can start with 5-10mg THC per serving, assuming they will take more than one (for example: a cookie).

In theory, 2g of dry bud is enough to make 20 beginner’s cookies or groceries with 10mg of THC.

It is only a guess that 100% of the THC will be completely transferred! Our production process is not very precise, and does not maintain the temperature at which the THC leaves the plant to bind to the carrier material. If we double this amount, we will get a good result, assuming that 50% of THC is lost.


This leads us to the following doses for newcomers, novices and experts:

– 20 Freshman Edibles = 4g cannabis (about 10mg THC per serving)

– 20 Novice Edibles = 8g of cannabis (about 20mg THC per serving)

– 20 Expert Edibles = +16g of cannabis (about +40mg THC per serving)

Follow our recommendations, enjoy preparing your delicacies with “Mota”, and have a great experience in the best 420 style.

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