What is the ideal dose of cannabis to boost creativity?

Written by on 14 September, 2022

Marijuana is a plant that is used for many purposes, even for those moments when you need to let your ideas flow more than one of you will have smoked a joint.

Well, to find the inspiration you need, choosing a good strain of pot is essential, but the dosage can also be key in the creative process. Keep reading this post…

What is the ideal cannabis dosage to boost creativity?

Before you smoke, half of your stash to stimulate your artistic or creative side you’d better think about moderating the dosage a bit.

You see, one study showed that a 5.5 mg dose of THC improved creative thinking in test subjects, while a 22 mg dose reduced their creativity to a level below that of a sober person. Small doses of pot seem to work best.

Ideal strains to stimulate creativity

1- Jack Herer

This is one of the most famous strains in the world of marijuana, if you already know it, you will know that outdoors it is capable of producing great yields. In addition to inducing a pleasant and prolonged high, it is perfect for unleashing that inner genius.

2- Royal AK

The power of this strain will surprise you; the effects it produces will fill you with a total relaxation, having a clear mind will be easier to create great ideas.

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