What is the BHO? Which are the most popular?

Written by on 10 May, 2020

Take advantage of the following post, to learn more about the world of cannabis concentrates. BHO consumption is one of the most potent and preferred by many. Continue with us!

What is BHO?

BHO (Butane Hash Oil or Butane Honey Oil) is an extraction of marijuana. This extraction is becoming increasingly popular among marijuana users. It has a THC concentration of up to 90%, making it the most potent marijuana concentrate in the world.

Thanks to the use of hydrocarbons and solvents such as CO2, BHO has revolutionized the way extractions are made. The most common way to do this is thanks to the ease and cleanliness, with the use of butane gas.

How is the BHO made?

The BHO is not made with traditional butane gas, but with a special butane that is much cleaner than the usual one. This gas is passed through a sealed cylinder that has a mesh at the bottom that serves to filter out the hydrocarbons contained in the cannabinoids and terpenes, separating them from the remains of the marijuana plant matter.

When the gas is at room temperature, it evaporates, leaving only the resin. The next step would be to extract the remaining gas from the BHO. The way to do this step is by using vacuum pumps or dryers, but many people do it by using a bain-marie because of the ease.

When the BHO is done in large quantities, closed circuit systems are used. When there is a lot of marijuana to be processed, this equipment is used, which is much more sophisticated and expensive than the usual extraction methods.

The most popular are:

1-Live Resin: This extraction is a waxy and shiny appearance. It consists of a wet marijuana extraction that freezes at low temperatures.

With this method of extraction, we will be able to obtain a taste, aroma and potency greater than that of the BHO in which dry marijuana is used. This extraction has an organoleptic profile very similar to when the plant is alive, maintaining the properties that are lost during the dry marijuana.

2-Shatter: It is made from dry weed and is an extraction with a high concentration of THC. This extraction has a crystallized form. To prepare this resin you have to purge for 72 hours at a temperature between 32 and 37 º C with a pressure of 30hg.

3-Butter or Budder: It is obtained in a similar way to the shatter except that it is done at a higher temperature and it is not dewaxed or hibernated. To prepare the Butter or Budder it is necessary to do it in a similar way to the Shatter but purging at higher temperatures (38-50ºC), with a pressure of 30hg. If we use low temperatures, the lipids will retain the aromas better.

4-Crumble: To obtain crumble, the purging must be done at a temperature of 55-60ºC by making friction. Depending on how we do it we can obtain Wax Crumble or Sugar Crumble.

– Wax Crumble: This type of BHO is waxier and keeps the terpenes very well.

– Sugar Crumble: It is made from fresh marijuana, so it contains more terpenes. Observing its morphology, we can see that it is somewhat more crystallized than the Wax Crumble.

5-Honeycomb: Its bee panel characterizes this type of extraction shape, hence its name. To obtain this type of BHO is purged at a temperature of 55-60 º C at a pressure of 25hg, having been decarboxylated at least 50%.

Which of these extractions do you like best?





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