What is ice-o-lator?

Written by on 12 July, 2020

Have you ever heard of ice-o-lator? If your answer is no, don’t worry!. Here is what it is all about, so keep reading.

The ice-o-lator, also known as bubble hash, water marijuana extraction, isolated hash, full melt or just water hash, is a kind of hash or a method of mechanical separation of marijuana resin.

Common hashish is usually obtained by a process of heat and compaction, different from ice-o-lator, which combines cold and movement to detach the trichomes from the plants and is extracted using water, ice and filtering meshes of different sizes, which you can do from home.


However, you should be very careful with the ice-o-lator, as it is quite powerful and even stronger than normal hashish, so it is not recommended for beginners and should be consumed with care.

You see, while hashish has 20-25% Tetrahydrocannabinol, ice-o-lator can contain up to 40% THC, and even more.

How to consume it?

This product can be consumed with the same methods as any hashish. Mix it with a cigarette, a bong or even a pipe, but keep in mind that with the last two means mentioned, the effects will be much greater.

As we said before, the ice-o-lator is very strong because do not forget that it is an ultra-concentration of resin, therefore, its effects can triple the power of some varieties of cannabis.

As for its durability, it is quite reduced compared to other cannabis derivatives, but it hits you hard. It produces a powerful mental effect that will knock you out immediately.


If you are going to do ice-o-lator, we recommend that you find a comfortable place that is spacious enough to consume it with peace of mind, as you may feel a bit paranoid and you will surely need a place to air out, if necessary, and above all to avoid the burden.





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