What is Fresh Frozen?

Written by on 4 July, 2020

In this opportunity we want to talk to you about Fresh Frozen, a solvent free extraction that will surely surprise you, you don’t know how it is done, well you don’t have to worry, here we will tell you, so keep reading.

How is it done?

This hashish is made using frozen cannabis and used directly after harvest, and without drying it, which allows a much purer product to be obtained. By avoiding this process, you can also keep more terpenes, and the resin you get will be quite aromatic.

In summary, the Fresh Frozen hash is a variant of the ice-o-lator technique, since to make the extraction you need, particularly, the same instruments and materials of this one, such as:

-1 cube.
-Sieve to extract the resin.
-Ice and ice water.
-A mixing tool.


When stirring, try using a silicone spatula, because if you use a wooden spoon, this kind of hash could be stuck in it, and that is what we do not want.

Step by step

1) Put the buds, once harvested, in the freezer for a few hours. If you want, you can better remove those leaves without resin before putting your vegetable matter in the freezer.

2) When the cannabis is extremely frozen, fix the hash bags in the bucket and fill it with ice and cold water long before you put the marijuana in.

Try to shred your plants beforehand to maximize contact between the water and the trichomes contained in the cannabis.

3) Mix the water with the frozen buds for at least 3 to 10 minutes, without stirring too hard or using mechanical devices.

4) Then, empty the bags that have the different qualities of resin according to the size of the sieve. In order to facilitate the recovery of the Fresh Frozen, put these bags, for a few minutes, to cool in the freezer so that it hardens and is more manipulable.

5) To end this process, the last step is to let the hashish dry for a few days, during which it will acquire a translucent shade. To preserve the terpenes, try to do the drying in a dry and fresh place. Some people let it dry in the fridge.

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