What is an Ice Bong?

Written by on 22 May, 2021

When it comes to getting high with cannabis, bongs present themselves as a great alternative for many smokers as this method is generally easy to use and offers smooth and cool hits.

As you may know, the bongs available on the market vary in size, colors, design, and the material they are made of. Well, you have probably already used some of them, but you know what Ice Bongs are? No? Then stay reading this post, we will tell you about it.

Ice Bongs. What is it?

Ice bongs are very similar to a normal bong, only that they have a compartment to place ice cubes. Using these devices is an easy and simple way to cool down your experience, and it’s a great option to get the best out of your bong. They are also ideal for those users who want to improve their smoke.

Generally, these devices are made of glass, specifically borosilicate glass, or silicone.

Why use one?

The truth is that this type of device can offer you several advantages, therefore, if you have not yet been convinced to use one of these, here are some benefits that may convince you to use one.

Cooling and smooth smoke

As we mentioned, the main reason to put ice in your bong is to cool the smoke. As the smoke passes through the ice, between the chamber and the mouth, it will cool down quickly. This resulting smoke will be smooth and delicious, so you will enjoy all the flavors of your Mary Jane.


This device also works to filter the smoke. As it passes over the surface of the ice cubes, some of the particles and impurities will be removed. The ice gives a fresh, clean hit every time.

Attractive device

This device is usually quite attractive to many smokers, you see, watching the smoke swirling around the ice-filled stem usually draws a lot of attention.

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