What is an electric grinder?

Written by on 28 July, 2020

The grinder, shredder, grinder or chopper, as you prefer to call it, is an instrument with which you can grind your favorite cannabis more effectively than using your hands.

In addition, using a grinder to crush your buds will also bring other advantages such as allowing the plant matter to burn better when lit. If you chop your plants well you will be able to fill your pipe more and enjoy a better experience.

In the cannabis market there are different sizes, designs and materials with which you can make a grinder, you can get them in plastic, metal or wood.

Moreover, the best of all is that they are very easy to use, just open the grinder and introduce the marijuana buds and when you close it, turn it sideways so that the nails rub against each other and your cannabis is crushed.

For those smokers who like to make less effort they can also opt for an electric grinder, but what exactly is it about? If you want to know the answer, we invite you to continue with us.

Electric grinder

Unlike the typical process for grinding your cannabis mentioned above, with an electric grinder you do not have to turn around to grind the marijuana, as it does it automatically. It is battery operated and the most professional ones have a rechargeable battery.

Easy to use

This type of grinder has an engine with blades inside a bowl that will allow the chopping of your plant material to be more effective. It is also easy to use, just place the bud in the bottom of the bowl and make sure it does not touch the blades when you close it, press the button and move it so that the bud touches the blades in motion, in seconds you will get your cannabis ground.










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