What is a CARB CAP?

Written by on 14 April, 2020

If you like dabbing intensely, and you don’t know what a carb cap is? Today we will let you know about this innovative device, which you can use while dabbing.

Carburetor caps, called “carb caps”, are a complement to your dabbing device.



To begin with, one of the parts usually used in dab rigs (the “bong” of the dab) is the so-called “needle” (“nail” in English). The needle must be at the right temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, so that when the concentrate is heated it releases its full potential. Also, the needle is where one usually deposits the concentrate that one wants to consume. That is where the carb caps come in.

They are used in much the same way as carburetor caps do on a car, hence the name: they control the flow of air, which works like a cap, or dome for your needle. In this way, the heat and steam are trapped where the needle is but leaves a small hole at the top so that it can be inhaled.

The advantage of using these caps is that the temperature does not need to be ideal to enjoy the dab. The pressure and heat are more stably maintained by the lid, preventing loss of taste.



The use is quite simple. Once you consider that the needle is hot enough and you have deposited the concentrate there, you put the carb cap on the needle. The chamber that generates this cap will be filled with steam at some point. That is when you can take advantage of the moment to inhale the taste of that concentrate.

It’s always good to do it slowly but steadily. The carb cap helps you to be less anxious by inhaling the smoke. Using these gadgets makes for tastier and more powerful inhalations.

If you want to buy one you should take into account some factors that are common sense: the material should be heat resistant (ceramic, titanium or quartz) and have just the right size to properly cover the dab needle.

Choose the CARB CAP of your preference, the model and material you want!

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