What advantages does dabbing offer you?

Written by on 9 December, 2020

Surely, as a cannabis lover, you are one of those who like to take their 420 experience to another level. If so, you have most likely used a dabbing rig to transport yourself to another world.

Many cannabis users have chosen to use a dabbing device precisely because they are used to enjoy marijuana concentrates.

Using this method is not as complicated as it seems. This dabbing device is heated; the concentrate is added to the device and converted into vapor for inhalation.

This method is very popular, and can offer you several advantages, so if you still have doubts about using this alternative, here are some of the benefits you can get when consuming cannabis through this option.

Advantages of dabbing

As you know, this method does not require the combustion of any plant material, as is the case with joints, for example. Therefore, it can offer you a cleaner experience. However, dabbing has its own risks, usually associated with the technique of producing the concentrates. Therefore, it is recommended to use solvent-free extracts.

This method can be more efficient than smoking because remember that you are enjoying concentrates that contain around 60 to 80% THC, instead of flowers that can reach 30%. Therefore, you would only need a couple of puffs to get high, as it is more powerful.

Finally, as dabbing is done at a lower temperature than smoking, you might also detect more nuances of flavor.


It does not matter if you dabble daily or once a month, remember that dabs are much more powerful than other common ways of consuming cannabis, so it is recommended to start small and increase the dose in stages.

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