Vaporizing or smoking, know the advantages

Written by on 5 January, 2021

Nowadays it is habitual to see people using vaporizers to enjoy the effects of the cannabis (clear, in places where its use is legal), nevertheless, there are those who still cling to the most classic ways to consume marijuana: to smoke what method to choose, to smoke or to vape?

Well, actually that’s a pretty subjective answer, because it all depends on what you’re looking for. Anyway, we are here to help you, so keep reading, because we will give you some of the advantages that these methods offer.

Advantages of vape

In the cannabis market, there are many models of vaporizers available, by convection or conduction, the truth is that there is a lot to choose from, great!

Your 420 hour will be fantastic with a vaporizer, since part of the advantages that this method of consumption offers you is its efficiency, since with it, you will be able to take advantage of your mota to the maximum (less cannabinoids are lost). And, the best thing is that the vaporized flowers can be reused to continue with the party. If you are a frequent consumer, to keep them to elaborate a delicious cannabutter, and prepares delicious plates that will make you fly.

You are not very convinced eh! Relax. Many vaporizers offer many advantages to you among them, a greater control of the temperature. This method produces a better flavor than smoking, and likewise the aroma it produces is less intense.

Among some of the disadvantages of vaporizing, is its tedious maintenance and its cost (the initial investment is usually high). It also considers that some vaporizers are difficult to handle due to their technology.

Advantages of smoking

If you don’t get along well with technology, you’re probably one of those who likes the traditional. A good joint might sound better to you.

Precisely, part of the advantages of smoking cannabis is in its simplicity. A little bit of well-crushed pot, roll it with a piece of paper (adding a filter), and that’s it. In case you have a pipe or a bong, everything is usually quite simple. Smoking is practically accessible to anyone (obviously, as we said at the beginning, where you can enjoy it without restrictions).

On the other hand, looking at the negative side, with this method you have less control of the experience, and it’s less healthy (although this doesn’t mean that it is). In addition, when smoking less cannabinoids and terpenes are conserved.

Final considerations

Enjoy the mote with the method you like best. Remember that it’s all about having a good time. Weed and more weed!






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