Unusual ways to consume cannabis

Written by on 15 January, 2022

As a regular cannabis consumer, you have probably already experimented with different methods to enjoy your Mary Jane. Joints, bongs or pipes are usually the most common; however, the cannabis world is so wide that there are other more unusual ways to consume cannabis.

No matter how experienced you are, you may not know them, so here are some of them:

1- Marijuana powder

While it is true that for many years cannabis has been ground in powder form, the method we are referring to is undoubtedly one of the newest ways to consume marijuana.

It is the cannabis powder, which comes from the oils that have been extracted from the plant and prepared to dissolve in water, without losing its properties. It can be consumed directly or in edibles.

2- Sublingual strips

This method is quite simple to use, and it is very practical. These small strips are placed under the tongue (as with sublingual tinctures) which, upon contact with saliva, begin to dissolve in a short time.

The effects are felt quickly, as they reach the bloodstream directly, without the need to pass through the lungs or stomach. It is very important to be careful with the doses, as this route of administration should be used with caution.

Final considerations

As you could realize, both methods are quite discreet alternatives, so you can start considering them, and with that, you will not have to worry about the curious and detractors of cannabis.


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