Types of pipes to smoke cannabis

Written by on 10 December, 2020

In the cannabic world, there are many methods to consume marijuana and to move to a psychedelic high. The pipes are precisely one of those alternatives that you can use to enjoy your “Mary Jane”.

For the smoker who consumes marijuana outside of house, the pipes represent a great option, because they save you the process of having to roll a joint. You only have to fill them, light them, and they will be ready to give you a good puff. Continue reading this post, here we will talk about some types of pipes according to the material they are made.

Pipes to smoke mota

As you must know, in the market of the marijuana you can find an infinity of pipes of different models, sizes and materials with which they are made. Depending on their characteristics, each one of these devices can offer you benefits and disadvantages.

For example, those made of metal are considered the most resistant, because they do not break easily. However, some say that those made of wood offer a smoother smoke.

One-piece borosilicate glass or steatite pipes are very reliable. Many users prefer glass pipes because they are easier to clean, since through the transparent glass it is easier to clearly to see the dirt on the device.

Top 3 of ideal pipes to get high

1- Session Goods glass pipe

This model has a modern and unique design, is characterized by a body of tinted borosilicate glass. This pipe is made of a single piece of glass with an integrated bowl. It is very resistant and is ideal for those who prefer to smoke discreetly.

2- Amazed by Red-Eye

This aluminum device offers you an unscrewing system that allows you too easily to fill them with the strain you want. You can get this pipe in different colors; it also gives you fresh and pure puffs.

3- PieceMaker Karma silicone pipe

The Karma pipe, designed by the PieceMaker team, is a pocket pipe that you will love. This device is made of high quality silicone and is very resistant.

This pipe is perfect for those who like to smoke outside. It also comes with a stainless steel filter, so you can get tasty puffs all the time.

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