Types of paper suitable for rolling your joints

Written by on 17 July, 2020

In the cannabis industry there are many brands of rolling papers, so choosing between so many options may become complicated, but to make it easier for you, here are the types of rolling papers you can choose.

It is important to keep in mind that choosing the best type of rolling paper will depend on your tastes and preferences. Each material that your rolling paper is made of can influence the speed with which a joint is consumed, the ease of rolling, and even its taste; we present you the most common materials with which they are made:

1- Wood pulp

This type of paper is easy to get, and is similar to the paper for tobacco, and even looks like the common paper you use to write down your things. Also very easy to use ideal for beginners and will stay lit very well. The only negative is that they leave a taste that not everyone likes and produce more ashes compared to papers made with other materials.

In order to make papers made with wood pulp look white, they are usually bleached with chlorine and other substances, but the ideal is to get those without bleaching, these are usually brown.

2- Rice paper 

These papers produced from rice have the main advantage that they have no taste and burn slowly. The disadvantage is that they are so thin that rolling a wide joint can be difficult, especially for those users who are just starting out.

3- Hemp rolling paper

This is one of the most effective papers for rolling your joints; these papers are made from 100% natural hemp fiber and are usually not bleached.

Pure hemp papers tend to have a slight taste that many users like, also they are not as fine as rice papers and usually the texture they have makes them easy to grip, and they burn slowly, so they stay lit for a good while.  Many users claim that hemp papers offer the best experience for smoking cannabis.

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