TOP 5: What to do when you are high?

Written by on 15 May, 2020

You don’t know what to do when you’re high? Don’t think about it! In MOTA we bring you several options to get creative in those good moments of “high”.

Getting high is something that people enjoy all over the world and you can be sure that at 4:20 many are smoking their mota everywhere. For most smokers, getting high is a very versatile experience and there are many fun activities to do that are much better when you are high.

The Best Options:

1 – Listening to music is one note, because it takes you on a journey into space. You can even see the stars up close. Any kind of music you like will do, but new music is usually the best for the mind. You just choose the music that has MOTA FOR YOU!

2- Paint or draw, it will stimulate your creativity on a canvas. Said by artists, cannabis is famous for the creative potential it unleashes. Just let your mind flow and your wits awaken. Better yet, combine it with the above option, listen to music, sing and paint at the same time.

3- Watch a movie or play a video game and have fun at home. Obviously, weed can anchor you to the couch if you smoke strong Indicas, but you can also take the Sativa route. A good sativa will naturally cheer you up and you’ll be ready to do whatever you want.

4- Dance, yoga or meditate, cannabis tends to tune the energies of the body. Those who smoke with a higher body sensitivity often notice a greater awareness of the flow of energies within their body. Meditation, breathing exercises, yoga or dancing with energy takes you to a new level.

5- Make love, sex is great. Marijuana sensitizes the whole body, bringing greater enjoyment to every touch. The stimulation tends to be more intense and the orgasm will take you to the clouds. Make sure your partner is stoned too, so you are in complete tune. Cannabis will improve your sex life!

Which option do you like best? Smoke a joint and let your imagination run wild.

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