TOP 3: Ways to use Kief

Written by on 12 April, 2020

If you are a #1 fan of cannabis concentrates and one of them is the famous KIEF, wait until you read the information we have especially for you.

KIEF, one of the cannabis concentrates, is a powder rich in trichomes, which will give you a quick and intense high.

Learn about the 3 ways to use KIEF:

1) Add it to a joint: Kief can be used as a THC supplement when rolling joints. Take the kief and sprinkle a little on the joint before rolling it, it will give you an extra kick and will be especially useful when the flower you are about to smoke is not as potent as you expected.

Creative reefer experts can coat the outside of the reef with kief for a more attractive look. Wet the outside of the joint with wax, or simply moisten it with saliva, and roll it into a kief plate.

2) Steam it, preparing an e-liquid: The kief can be transformed into a homemade e-liquid to be consumed with a vape pen in a discreet way both at home and outside. To make e-liquid, you need propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, as well as a coffee filter, a glass or metal bowl, a casserole and several syringes.

Fill the pot with water and place the bowl over it as a bain-marie. Pour a mixture of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in a ratio of 1:1 into the bowl. Add the kief and raise the heat to a boil. Wait until the mixture melts and has a thick, even consistency. Then strain with the coffee filter and let it cool. Fill the syringes, and you can load your vape pen.

3) Turn it into rosin: Kief can also be used to make your own hashish stock, provided you have accumulated a good amount of trichomes. All you’ll need is some parchment paper and a hair iron.

Put the kief on the parchment paper and fold it. Press the iron firmly for a short time and watch a brown substance spread across the paper. This resinous substance is ideal for use in a bong or a rig for dabs.

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