The Best Places to Smoke Marijuana at Home!

Written by on 7 April, 2020

We all have our favorite places to smoke at home; we have the comfort to do it, clear and uninterrupted.

Today we present you the best places to smoke with peace of mind and get the high you want.

Some prefer to do it outdoors, others lying on the couch, or in the company of good friends!




  • On the patio or in the garden: If you like to get high outdoors, try getting high in the garden. Smoking outdoors is always an amazing experience that is enhanced by the lovely look of the garden. For most people, a comfortable chair and a blue sky are enough to enjoy a good JOINT.


  • In your room: The greatest luxury of all is to be able to roll a joint, play your favorite music, dim the lights and relax, without having to move more than a few meters, in the comfort of your room, the perfect place for many.


  • The sofa: Another lazy but amazing option. You can take advantage of the whole sofa and all the devices within reach, such as the TV, the games console, the music wire, among others… Make sure you have some goodies before you start, because you may not want to get up for a long time.


  • The roof: Probably the best place. Where no one interrupts you, with a good view and the special ability to see everything. If you’re lucky enough to have a place on the roof, you know how great you’ll have it. Likewise, be careful, you must be careful to do it in the center, where you are safe.


¡You already have the options where you can get high, smoke your JOINT and spend an amazing time in the comfort of your home!

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