Tips to extend your marijuana reserves

Written by on 26 August, 2022

As user of marijuana, perhaps in some opportunity you have thought that your vegetal matter does not reach you or it finishes to you very fast. Well, if it is thus, the truth is that you do not have of which to worry, because it is something that happens to him to more than one.

You will see, many users do not count on a plan of consumption or simply they make sessions in group and finish sharing their mota more than they should, reason why their cannabis is finished before the expected thing.

Surely, you are wondering how you can stretch your reserves of cannabis. Well for it, here we will give you three simple advices that you can take into account:

1) Use a grinder with deposit for Kief

The best way to stretch your mote reserves is to make the most of it. We recommend investing in a grinder with a tank for Kief, with this instrument you can collect the precious Kief that you can use when you no longer have cannabis to smoke.

2) Invest in a rolling machine

Rolling machines are generally affordable, and there are varieties of brands available on the market that you can choose. With this machine you will be able to save more cannabis so that it reaches you for other days, because, when rolling in a more perfect way (that is to say in the right measure), it will be possible to avoid wasting your vegetable matter unnecessarily.

3) Prepare some edibles

If you want your mota to give you a little more, you can choose to prepare an edible cannabis, because with them you do not need too much cannabis to feel a decent high, as well as not consume a large amount of it. This method of consumption induces a powerful effect.

When it is edible you must have present that the effect takes a considerable time in feeling (of 30 minutes to two hours), and is prolonged. It is advisable to consume a small portion, and expect to feel the effect. Be careful.


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