Tips to enjoy smooth and delicious puffs

Written by on 2 December, 2022

Every cannabis consumer seeks to have a pleasurable experience with the plant, whether it is a sativa or an indica.

Well, with a few puffs, the smoker can feel incomparable sensations, therefore, it is very important that these are pleasant, but that varies greatly according to the tastes of each consumer, however, no one can resist a few soft and delicious puffs, for that reason, here we will give you some simple tips on how to get them.

1- Avoid smoking old cannabis

To get unforgettable hits, one of the most important points to take into account when it comes to enjoying your weed is to make sure you choose good quality buds.

You see, if your weed is old and dry when you smoke it, it will most likely produce a rough smoke, so your experience will no longer be the same as you expected.

2- Keep smoking accessories clean

Regardless of whether you prefer to consume your Mary Jane using a vaporizer, bong or pipe, it is ideal that you keep your accessories clean because remember that after each session, residue accumulates on them.

If you keep your smoking devices clean, you will continue to get a delicious flavor, smooth puffs and a more pleasant experience.

3- Cure your cannabis properly

If you are growing your own weed, after successfully manicuring and drying your cannabis, what follows is the curing process, if you do it properly you will notice the difference in your dab as your buds will produce a smooth smoke instead of a harsh one.

With this method, you will help to preserve the exquisite flavors of your weed and increase its psychoactive potency.

Generally, during the curing process keep your stash in a dark place, such as a closet, as light is a factor that can cause the degradation of molecules such as THC.

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