Tips for smoking marijuana discreetly in your room

Written by on 17 August, 2022

Even though you are an adult and can make your own decisions, sometimes you may have had to smoke discreetly. If you live with your parents and, you have not told them about your passion for marijuana, this may be the case.

Well, if so, don’t worry, we’ll give you some tips so you can continue smoking in your room without anyone noticing.

Opt for vaporization

Joints are not the only method that can offer you an amazing experience, which is why; a discreet way to keep smoking is through vaporization.

This consumption alternative produces almost no smell. Any aroma produced by this method will vanish in a matter of seconds with the slightest ventilation.

Build your own smoke filter

Making your own smoke filter is an excellent idea for maintaining smoking discretion. You see, this instrument traps all the smoke you exhale, so you won’t leave any telltale signs.

These filters are really effective at capturing smoke and smell, they are easy to make, and you won’t have to spend that much for it, you will only need a cardboard roll of toilet paper, a rubber band, a piece of cloth and cotton, in case you don’t have the latter you can crumple up a sock and use it.

Well, the procedure is very simple. Start by covering one end of the paper roll with the piece of cloth and then secure it with the elastic band.

Then fill the inside completely with cotton, and when you exhale after smoking, do it inside the smoke filter.

Smoke in your bathroom

If you have the advantage of having a bathroom in your room and it has a window, then this is a good place to smoke your favorite joint.

Try to enjoy your Mary Jane near the window so that the smell comes out of it. In addition, the steam from the shower will take care of most of the smell.


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