Tips for smoking marijuana caviar

Written by on 9 March, 2021

Marijuana caviar is a highly potent and THC-laden product that is usually made from buds, cannabis oil and sometimes kief is added.

You’ve probably smoked them at some 420 session, so you’ll already know the psychoactive trip it produces. However, if you are still not very familiar with them or simply want to elevate your experience, here are some tips you should take into account the next time you go to smoke your caviar.

1- Smoke your caviar on free days

These ultra-potent products are known to hit hard and cause couch lock, therefore, it is best to smoke them on your free days, this way you will enjoy your cannabis without worrying about chores or jobs.

2- Eat before smoking

When cannabis is very potent it can cause nausea, to reduce that possibility it is recommended to have something in your stomach before starting your 420 session. It is also ideal before smoking caviar to keep hydrated.

3- Start with small amounts

Marijuana caviar is quite a strong product, so remember to go easy. Start by smoking small amounts, it’s all about enjoying the experience.

4- Do not grind

Unlike cannabis flowers that should be crushed with a grinder to add them to the joint, caviar is not recommended to put them in the grinder, as they will lose part of their valuable kief. The ideal is to cut a piece using a sharp knife.


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