Tips for rescuing wet marijuana buds

Written by on 3 August, 2022

Surely more than one has been surprised by a rain in the middle of a session outdoors and has wet its vegetable matter, if that was your case, do not worry, this time we will give you some tips to dry your marijuana properly so you can use it again, after a few days.

To do this, it is very important to follow all safety protocols, and verify that there is no presence of mold in your buds, because if so you must forget about them, because mold is harmful to health.  Also, rule out marijuana that has been wet with seawater, pool water, or fallen into water containing chemicals or salt.

However, to save your wet or damp cannabis you can follow these tips:

1) Use absorbent paper

Look in your pantry for absorbent paper, toilet paper, kitchen paper, or a brown paper bag to wrap the marijuana. Then put it in a dark, dry place.

Make sure there is airflow in that place, and if there is not, you can make it yourself with the help of a humidifier or a fan, so there’s some draft.

Let your plant matter rest for about two hours, and after that time, change the paper and turn the marijuana over, for as many days as necessary, and constantly check it for mold.

2) Soak it in rice 

For this technique, you will need a glass jar and of course, some rice. The first thing that you have to do is place the bud that was wet in the jar and fill it with rice.

At least for a whole day, let it rest uncovered, in a place where there is good ventilation. The next day check if it is already dry and free of mold.

If when you check your flowers, they are relatively dry, crumble the buds and wrap them again in paper for a couple of hours to remove excess moisture, otherwise, if they are already dry and not moldy, you can use them.

How do you know when your marijuana is wet or with the right viscosity?

Knowing if your marijuana is wet may seem simple to many, but the truth is that there is a fine line between a wet bud and one that has the ideal viscosity, so it’s easy to get confused.

You see, the right buds stick to your fingers on contact and when you press them they do not flatten out, (they always return to their original shape) unlike wet plant material where the opposite happens, they do not stick to your fingers (even if they do have a slight sticky feel) and they do flatten out.


If your marijuana is wet or damp, avoid using quick heat sources like hair dryers and exposing your smoked plants to the sun.


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