Tips for preparing edibles with marijuana concentrates

Written by on 2 February, 2021

When you think of enjoying marijuana concentrates, you probably think of dabbing, smoking or vaporizing them. Well, these are the most common methods, but you can also use them in your cannabis kitchen.

Yes, that’s right, concentrates are an excellent alternative to prepare Mary Jane edibles and to get high whenever you want. If you’re interested in cooking with your extracts, say no more and take note of a few tips.

Consider the dish you will infuse

To start cooking with your cannabis concentrates, it’s important to think carefully about the final product you’ll prepare. You see, in the market there are different presentations of extracts that vary in potency, flavor, aroma and form, so depending on the type of concentrate you choose can influence the flavor and aroma of your edible.

If you are going to prepare sweet dishes, it is recommended to use concentrates with stronger flavors such as RSO or full-spectrum extracts.

Also, remember to use butter, oil or any form of cooking fat, as this will help the THC to integrate into the preparation, as THC and other cannabinoids are only soluble in fats.

Choose the right concentrate

As we mentioned, there are different types of concentrates, which is why it is ideal to choose the right one for you.

Some say that the less solid concentrates, such as budder or wax, mix better with fat and distribute more evenly in the food.

Many prefer marijuana distillates because in addition to being a very potent product, they are generally odorless and tasteless, so they are ready to be incorporated into the recipe.

Pay attention to the dosage

This point is quite important, because it is not the same to cook with cannabis flowers than with extracts. You will see that the latter are a much more potent product, which is why you should pay attention to the dose you use.

Be sure to choose the dose that you think is convenient according to your experience, in case you have doubts, start with a lower dose and increase it gradually.

Final considerations

Just as you would do when cooking with marijuana buds, you should make sure that your concentrates are decarboxylated to ensure that they contain enough THC or any other cannabinoids.

Also, when you have your delicious dish ready, consume in moderation to avoid a bad trip, remember that edibles are more potent and their effect takes longer to manifest.





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