THE WEEZY: The Innovative Pipe in the Cannabic World

Written by on 30 April, 2020

In the next post, we bring you a better style when smoking. If you’re a cachet person? We talk about “The Weezy” pipe; it will give you cleaner and more uniform puffs.


What is “THE WEEZY”?

The Weezy is a small aluminum cone-shaped pipe, only 60 grams and 9.2cm that you can take with you everywhere. Not only does it provide freshness when smoking, but it also has an activated carbon filter for a smoother and purer experience.

It’s a device that offers clean, instant puffs of cannabis, with the satisfaction of a pipe but with minimal effort and in a cleaner way.

The Weezy pipes have a built-in reusable capsule called a Jack-Pod, developed to help smokers encapsulate the cooler part of the marijuana. It can also be carried in its own travel tube, which is made of strong aluminum and prevents odor leakage. It can also be attached to a key ring, which is very convenient and practical for carrying it around.


How do you use The Weezy?

It’s very simple! Just unscrew the top of the Weezy, take out the Jack-Pod capsule, fill it with your favorite strain (0.2 grams of weed), cover the capsule, drop it into the Weezy, screw the top back on, light it with the lighter and most importantly: Enjoy the experience with every puff.

The Jack-Pod capsules can be used on both sides, making it easier to make better use of the marijuana, since this way we get it to burn evenly. Once the weed starts tasting like an ashtray, you just have to unscrew the top of your weezy and take the jack-pod capsule, turn it over, and put it back in the pipe to continue enjoying clean and fresh smoke.



It is recommended to change the activated carbon filter, after 6 or 10 sessions. This innovative pipe offers satisfactory puffs, just choose your best strain.

Now! It’s your turn to use “THE WEEZY” and experience a clean and stylish high.


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