The Lemon Stroopwafels: a delicious edible with a pleasant relaxing effect

Written by on 27 June, 2020

Cannabis edibles are one of the most popular methods of enjoying marijuana, precisely because the effects tend to be longer lasting and more potent.

You can prepare at home different types of edibles, from brownies to delicious pizzas, however, there are some users who prefer to buy them prepared, if you are one of them, surely the Lemon Stroopwafels from Dutch Girl that we will present you will love.


The Lemon Stroopwafels are delicious caramel and cinnamon cookies, with a delicious lemon flavor and a soft touch of cannabis, their appearance will remind you of small waffle cookies. Perfect for eating alone or accompanied by a cup of ice cream or coffee.

These edibles come in a small reusable can, and contain 9 mg THC per serving. You will feel an effect full of euphoria and happiness, which then spreads through the body with a relaxing vibration. Ideal for relief from stress and anxiety.

Generally, many edibles are slow to manifest their effects and precisely these cookies are an example of this, but do not despair and eat too much, on the contrary, consume small portions, remember that they are edible, so take it easy.

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