THC Sublingual Strips

Written by on 7 May, 2020

Sublingual strips add to the long list of innovative cannabis products, and could become the most reliable, fastest and most accurate way to consume a dose of THC or CBD.

Read on and you will know if you add the sublingual strips to your long list of favorite cannabis.

One of the most discreet cannabis derivatives, Marijuana Strips! Are very practical for medical users, for those who are very busy, and for those who don’t smoke or smoke, or simply don’t have room to store their supplies. These small, elegant strips are taken just like a sublingual tincture, but are easier to use and the dose can be better controlled.

How to use them?

Just take a small strip out of the box, place it under the tongue, and wait a few minutes for it to take effect.

Marijuana strips work by releasing your preferred cannabinoid mixture into the oral mucosa, an absorbent membrane that lines the inside walls of the mouth and under the tongue.

This material can be impregnated with THC, CBD, aromatics and other substances and provides a higher bioavailability than cannabis foodstuffs, because in this case the cannabinoids are absorbed directly from the oral mucosa into the bloodstream, rather than having to pass through the liver first.

New for recreational purposes

Young people who want to enjoy cannabis in an innovative, healthy and discreet way could very well receive THC strips. The effects of these strips are as fast and potent as when smoke or vape marijuana, and more consistent than those of edibles.

The strips are designed to produce a wide variety of experiences. Like the flowers, there are strips of indica, sativa, hybrid, THC and CBD varieties, in different flavors. They come in different doses per strip, and most are vegan and sugar-free. They are made from natural gums, herbal extracts and microencapsulated cannabinoids, plus other expensive and specialized ingredients, not to be made at home.

Are you ready to have your supply of THC strips at home?



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