Thai Sticks: a different method to smoke marijuana

Written by on 17 November, 2021

When it comes to smoking marijuana, many smokers usually look for new alternatives to take their experience to the next level.

The truth is that now in the cannabis world the creativity at the time of consuming mota is every time greater.

A different method with which you will surely experience an incredible trip is with a Thai Sticks, a powerful cannabis cigarette different from the traditional ones. Well, don’t roll up here we’ll tell you.

What are Thai Sticks?

A Thai Sticks is a joint made from different parts of the cannabis plant. Its preparation involves tying marijuana to a skewer, curing it and then wrapping it in marijuana leaves.

These green rolls, originating in Thailand, seem to be similar in simplicity to the joints or blunts, but they are not the same. This different way of rolling offers you a quite powerful product.

Final considerations

Making the Thai sticks takes some time and dedication, but if you have patience, the result will be worth it. For special occasions, they are fantastic.

Well, to prepare this method you will have to look for different derivatives from the cannabis, like wick of hemp, hashish oil, fresh leaves, and of course your mota.

To choose a good strain is ideal to enjoy even more the Thai sticks. Surely as an experienced smoker, you already have a list of your favorite varieties; however, we recommend strains loaded with delicious terpenes, for example, the variety Fruit Spirit offers a sweet taste of red fruits and a THC level of 18%.

Are you tired of your usual joints? Well, maybe Thai Sticks are an excellent alternative to leave the routine. Take it easy and enjoy!



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