Take your experience to another level with a cross joint

Written by on 7 December, 2020

Practice makes perfect, they say. The truth is that over time there are smokers who learn the art of rolling joints, if that is your case, you will surely want to test your rolling skills and take your experience to another level. Look no further and continue reading this post, because here we will explain how to make a cross joint.

Cross joint

To roll your joint in the shape of a cross you will need to have a good grinder, a delicious strain and of course, quality paper. You should also look for a paper clip or pin, mouthpiece and lighter.

Step by step

1) Roll two joints

If you want to make a cross joint, start by rolling two joints, each one of different size. The first one should be a big, thick and robust joint, because it will be the main part of the cross. (This one has a mouthpiece).

When you have it ready, and then assemble the second joint. This one on the contrary is smaller and thin enough to fit (transversely) on top of the first joint. Try to be uniform on both sides; so that there is no bat, (this joint has no filter).

2) Make a hole in each joint

Well, this is where it gets good. With the help of a clip or other element, make a hole in each joint.

Take the big joint first and drill the hole a little higher than the middle. When the clip has gone through to the other side, move it carefully to enlarge the hole, which should be the ideal size for the other joint to be inserted, but tight enough so that it doesn’t move.

Then, make a hole in the center of the thin joint, in this case, you don’t need to enlarge it too much, this is just to improve the air flow.

3) Make your cross

Now the big moment has arrived. It’s time to turn the two joints into one. To do this, carefully insert the thin joint into the thick one to form a cross.

It is important that you make sure that the holes are aligned inside the thick joint (the hole of the thin joint should coincide with the hole of the main joint).

4) Reinforce the cross joint

Finally, in order for it to be ready, you will have to reinforce the cross so that you can be sure that it will burn correctly. Of course, you don’t want the smoke to escape where the two joints meet. In this sense, cut the glue part from a piece of paper and roll it diagonally around the cross (around the center). Make sure it is well sealed.

5) Turn it on

As there are three ends to light simultaneously, you should most likely ask a friend to help you light all three ends in unison. Have good smokes!

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