Sunrocks, a powerful way to consume cannabis 

Written by on 6 November, 2020

If you have a vast experience in the cannabis world, you will know that there is a great variety of ways to consume marijuana and surely you have already tried most of them: bongs, edible, extracts, dabs, joints, vaporizers, reeds, pipes, blunts, just to mention a few.

Do you think you can’t take your experience to a higher level, the truth is you can. The industry of the cannabis has extended and grown so much, that many products and innovating forms of consumption have been created, to please the most experienced consumers.

This time we want to talk to you about the Sunrocks. You don’t know what it’s about, don’t worry, here we tell you, so make yourself comfortable and read carefully.

What are the SunRocks?

Surely you have heard of the MoonRocks, well, the SunRocks take things one-step beyond the moon (to another level). Many users consider them the big brother of the MoonRocks.

These products are not the same. The Sunrocks shine, and use higher quality products; usually, a kind of OG is used; the flowers are sprayed with cannabis extract and sprinkled with a touch of kief.

Mainly Big Tray Dee and Apollo SunRocks produce SunRocks. Both offer a great power, thanks to their surprising level of THC of 80%.

How to smoke a SunRocks

Of course, SunRocks are not the same as a common bud, so you must treat them as such. If you have the opportunity to have one of them, to consume it we recommend, use scissors to separate them gently and cut them into smaller pieces, instead of using a grinder. Break up a small piece and smoke it in a pipe, bong or bubbler.


If you want your Sunrocks in a joint, sprinkle some on your normal bud.

Be careful!

As you can see the SunRocks are a powerful product, even for the most experienced, so be careful, consume little and don’t overdo it.


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