Submarine: A powerful smoking experience!

Written by on 14 April, 2020

There are different ways to get high, but one of the favorites is the popular “SUBMARINE”, which provides you with a high-level experience.

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What is the submarine?

A submarine is smoking marijuana in a small, enclosed, unventilated space. For many smokers, it’s their preferred way to get high, but since a sub involves smoking in a small space with an excess of carbon dioxide, it’s not the safest way to get high. But if done sporadically, it can be a very fun way to catch a blind man with your friends. Likewise, you should be careful!

This preferred form of smoking gets you high, people think it’s the excess smoke that gets you high, and it’s not, it’s the lack of oxygen to the brain, the lack of space.


A fun experience!

The best thing you can do to prepare for a good underwater session is to get a few friends together and make as many joints as possible. This method of smoking is always the best because it generates more smoke. A single joint or joint will not be enough to fill the entire space with smoke; it is better to smoke several. Ideally, each participant should have his or her own joint.

You must take into account, the snacks, as well as water and maybe some soft drinks. Always on hand to be hydrated because of dry mouth.

Another factor to take into account is the music. It is mandatory to liven up the atmosphere of the submarine with the right melodies. With plenty of artists and songs to choose from, maybe you and your friends can create an exclusive playlist of favorite songs while you’re active in the power experience.

Remember to live this experience occasionally, not so often…

So! Do you want to experience a powerful high?

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