Smoking or ingesting marijuana? Which do you prefer?

Written by on 11 May, 2020

In the next post we explain how smoking or ingesting marijuana works, which do you like more? or if you definitely love both, as a good connoisseur of the cannabis world.

Smoking has quite predictable effects and they are easier to control. Foods can cause intense high, which some people love, but their onset is less predictable.

There are many methods of using cannabis to ensure that the desired amounts of cannabinoids reach your bloodstream. The two main ways to achieve this are by inhaling the smoke from burning the herb through different mechanisms, such as a pipe, bong, joint or blunt, or by eating various (edible) foods containing cannabis.

With the advances in the cannabis world, edibles include any kind of food you can imagine, such as cookies, biscuits, pasta, sandwiches, sweets, ice cream, coffee, and wine. The list is extensive. In terms of how they are absorbed, foodstuffs take longer to work, but when they do; their effects seem to be much more powerful.

Many ask themselves: Why do edibles put you in so much more than a series of puffs on a bong or a few joints?

The answer is, the effect depends on the way the cannabinoids are absorbed by the body. When smoked or vaporized, THC follows a much more direct route to the brain. When ingested, the THC present in cannabis is metabolized in the liver, where it is converted into 11-hydroxy-THC. The latter has a great capacity to cross the blood-brain barrier and therefore causes a much more intense and potent effect.

When you smoke or vaporize your joint, the effects can be felt almost immediately after the first puff. Depending on the variety and amount you have smoked, it could be a relaxing, euphoric, creative or even invigorating effect. These effects begin to wear off and disappear in the next hour.

When they are edible, it takes longer to work, it can take up to half an hour or an hour to appear and experience the intense high that it produces. In this case, it’s easier to control the dose of THC you’re consuming – it’s up to you!

These unique experiences will make you magically fly! Which do you like better? Or do you get both?



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