Smoke your marijuana and go hiking

Written by on 9 July, 2022

If you are one of those users who are passionate about hiking, what better way to do it in the company of marijuana?

Yes, there is no better place to take a good amount of weed to smoke than in the middle of mountains or forests. Follow us; we will give you some tips to improve your outdoor adventure.

1- Be considerate

Although we like marijuana too, there are other hikers who probably don’t, that’s why, when it comes to lighting up your joint, be considerate of them and smoke in unpopulated areas off the trail or in your car before heading out.

2- Choose the right cannabis strain

Remember that each strain of marijuana is different, so each one can give you a different effect and flavor.

A sativa or hybrid can be your best companion for those trips. Generally, these flowers are better for any type of aerobic exercise. However, keep in mind that some of these plants can provide a calming effect that is why it is recommended to know well the strain you choose and try it in advance.

3- Appeases cravings

When you go on any hiking trip, you usually pack enough water and food. Good, but when you plan to go on that stoned trip, you’ll need to pack even more.

You see, when you smoke cannabis it is very common to experience dry mouth and cravings, so packing twice as much will be ideal.

4- Use durable smoking accessories

For hiking, it is ideal that you use durable and adventure-friendly smoking accessories. It is advisable to use a silicone pipe; this device is extremely light and almost unbreakable. In addition, unlike rolling papers, silicone pipes can get wet in case of a sudden storm during your smoking session.

5- Choose the ideal path

Finally yet importantly, it is essential that you choose a suitable path. It is advisable to select a quiet trail that you have already traveled before; you will want to avoid dangerous paths while you are high.

Final considerations

Take the necessary precautions before starting your hike, do it in the company of a friend, or if you decide to go alone inform them where they can find you and take a backpack prepared for any emergency. Also, always make sure to turn off your joints completely.

When embarking on your trip through the mountains it is ideal that you smoke calmly, do not overdo it, it is all about enjoying the experience.



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