Rehydrate your marijuana buds easily from home

Written by on 25 May, 2020

Recovering dry marijuana buds is possible, yes, just as you are reading, there are several options with which you can rescue them to make them suitable for consumption.

You see, in many cases, some people go too far with the drying of cannabis or, hide their plant matter so much that they forget where they left it, and after a while they get it dry. If that is your case, you do not have to worry; here we will give you three tips to recover it.

1) Use citrus peels

Put in the bottle where your cannabis is, a little bit of the skin of some citrus fruits like orange, lemon or lime, to get the moisture from it to filter into the bud and try not to leave the peel too long in the bottle, previously closed, so that no mold is formed.

2) Look for food from the pantry

If you do not have citrus fruit, you can choose other foods you have at home such as apples, lettuce or white bread, which will surely help you. If you choose to use white bread, leave a slice of it in the pot where the cannabis is, overnight.

In the case of lettuce, put it in the pot, but first put some kitchen paper on it, so that the buds do not stick. In addition, if you only have apples in your fridge, you can put some slices next to your marijuana.

3) Kitchen paper or a damp cotton ball

Wet a piece of kitchen paper and place it on top of the container containing the buds (previously placed on the side), and put the lid on. Leave it there for a few hours and make sure it does not touch your vegetable matter.

With the moistened cotton, we do a similar process, without touching the cannabis; we put it, in this case, aside. Make sure it is not too wet.


Excess dryness causes the smell, taste and potency of cannabis compounds to be unequal. If you like, you can try to rehydrate them, but if the marijuana is too dry (to the point that it looks like a dry shredded powder), it is best to get rid of it, so that it does not contaminate the rest of the plants that are in better condition.

When you are going to do any of the above options to pre-hydrate your buds, you should always be very careful not to let the mold appear.

On the other hand, it is important that you learn to do a good process of curing and drying the marijuana and of course, find the right ways to store the cannabis to keep it longer.








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