Refresh you with a delicious marijuana popsicles

Written by on 31 January, 2021

When the hot season approaches, there is nothing more delicious than enjoying a Popsicle, accompanied of course by the special touch of marijuana.

Well, if you like the idea, in this post we bring for you a recipe that will surely blow your mind. Say no more and learn how to prepare at home these rich popsicles It’s very easy!

Ingredients you will need:

– 400ml cannabis milk
– 60ml of lime juice (1 or 2 limes)
– 240ml Greek yogurt
– 240g of blueberries


For this recipe, it is ideal that the cannabis milk you use is prepared with a good Blueberry strain. Yes, this strain will add a fantastic touch; you will enjoy a nice and relaxing afternoon.

This recipe can be prepared and enjoyed whenever you want, just keep in mind that the effects of edibles take time to manifest and hit harder, so you are free to add the dose of cannabis that you think is convenient according to your experience. Remember to consume in moderation.

Steps to prepare the popsicles

1- To begin, first crush the blueberries, you don’t necessarily have to crush them completely, as it’s okay if there are some pieces of fruit left.

2- Then proceed to mix the cannabis milk, lime juice and yogurt, when ready, add the blueberries to the preparation.

3- Then pour the mixture you prepared into some popsicle molds and take them to the freezer. Leave them for at least 4 hours and that’s it. Enjoy your 420 popsicles!


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