Which variety of ‘GREEN GODDESS’ should you smoke?

Written by on 26 April, 2020

Everyone who consumes the popular GREEN GODDESS does it for different reasons:

-To liven up the party and the weekend, to relax and sleep, for medicinal purposes.

There are different tastes and reasons to smoke a joint, but don’t worry, here are the options to get high or relax properly.

– The Indica varieties give rise to low and stubby plants, and tend to relax, sedate, and wake up the hunger. They are often referred to as “night marijuana” and produce a more bodily high.

– Sativa strains are taller plants, which tend to have more stimulating effects, you experience euphoria, excitement, increased concentration, intellectual and creative stimulation, and a boost of energy. These strains produce a mental high and are known as ‘daytime marijuana’.


Choose your option to relax:

  1. To improve anxiety: OG KUSH is for you. This hybrid has a unique effect profile and can make you feel lazy, stimulated, and calm and focused at the same time. This strain could make you sleepy, so avoid making big plans before you turn on one.


  1. To help you sleep: NORTHERN LIGHT is a large variety of Indica-dominant, which can help you fall asleep. Its calming and sedative effects can be effective in combating anxiety. Ideal for nighttime consumption.


  1. For pain relief: WHITE WIDOW is a sativa-dominant strain, known for relieving pain while maintaining mental acuity and clarity. It is a good choice for those who want to relieve their pain, without slowing down their day.


Choose your option to get up and running:

  1. To stay cheerful and euphoric: SOUR DIESEL will certainly bring on a laugh. It combines an invigorating, energizing, and joyful profile with brain and creative stimulation. With this strain, your good mood will be accompanied by those free, spontaneous, and cunning associations so necessary for humor.


  1. To enhance sex: SHINING SILVER HAZE is a euphoric, creative, and cognitively stimulating strain. If you want to incorporate new and extravagant ideas into your sex life, this strain could help you. Its creative effect can help encourage and nurture your fantasies.


  1. For partying: ROYAL MOBY is fantastic, for those nights when you want to go out and enjoy yourself until dawn. This huge strain offers a highly energetic experience with a lively body wave and is perfect for noisy environments with lots of music, joy, and good vibes.


What do you want to relax or cheer up?   The ‘GREEN GODDESS’ awaits you…

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