Prepare your own cannabis pesto sauce

Written by on 15 August, 2020

Cooking is a fascinating activity, in which you can let your imagination run wild to create new dishes and surprise your friends.

To prepare your meals you can use an infinite number of ingredients, one of which is cannabis. Yes, just as you are reading, marijuana is used to prepare cookies, brownies, pasta, chicken, pizza or pesto sauce, the latter is a perfect dressing to accompany your dishes, would you like to learn how to do it, so stay with us and take note of the recipe that we will present.

How to make pesto sauce?

Pesto is a typical sauce originating from Liguria, an Italian region. This sauce is the perfect condiment to give a delicious taste to pasta, potatoes and even meats.

The main ingredients are basil, pine nuts, garlic, parmesan or pecorino cheese, and olive oil. Depending on your taste, you can substitute or add some other ingredient.

In the recipe that we are going to explain to you, we add a special touch, because we will use cannabis.

Ingredients for preparing cannabis pesto: (4 people)

-50 grams of fresh basil.

-70 g grated parmesan cheese

-30 gr of pecorino cheese

-2 to 3 garlic.

-15 g pine nuts

-100 ml of olive oil of cannabis

-Juice of half a lemon, salt and ground pepper to taste.


You can use a mortar or a mixer to crush your ingredients; it all depends on what you have on hand.

If you have a mortar, put the pepper, salt, and garlic there and start crushing. Then add the pine nuts and keep crushing.

Then add the fresh basil, lemon juice, marijuana oil, parmesan and pecorino cheese, and mash again to mix the ingredients until a paste is formed.

You can add oil until you get the texture of the sauce you like. Finally, add salt and you are ready to use your cannabic pesto sauce for your dishes.

Just remember to use it in moderation, as the effect of the cannabis edibles usually takes longer to manifest and is stronger and longer lasting, compared to traditional methods such as smoking.



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